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Timeline: Scottish devolution

The relationship between Scotland and the UK has changed almost beyond recognition since Scotland's first parliamentary election 1997. This is how it happened.

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  • Holy Redundant! BHA launches campaign to remove Bishops from Parliament

    The British Humanist Association (BHA) has today launched its campaign to remove reserved seats for the Bishops from the House of Lords. The campaign, ‘Holy Redundant’, follows on from the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill reporting on Monday in support of the Government’s proposals to keep reserved seats for Bishops in a reformed second chamber by a vote of 13-7.

  • BHA: Right to die with dignity is a fundamental human right

    The 'right to die' cases of Jane Nicklinson and Paul Lamb will be heard at the Supreme Court this week.

  • Intellectual property – why you should choose the UK

    Intellectual property rights help businesses to compete on this global stage. To protect your hard work and investment, you need advice from IP professionals who have an international perspective and specialist skills and knowledge. UK IP professionals are respected throughout the world for their ability to deal with complex and challenging matters.

  • Taylor received a sentence of 12 months

    Tory peer jailed for expenses

    Former Conservative peer Lord Taylor of Warwick has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for fraudulently claiming expenses.

  • Peers don't want to be elected - unsurprisingly

    Peers dig in against Lords reform

    Nick Clegg faces an uphill battle to defeat deep-seated opposition to Lords reform, with three-quarters of peers opposing his plans.

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