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Week in Review: Breaking journalism

Week in Review: Breaking journalism

Falling levels of trust in journalism during the covid emergency suggest things are terribly wrong in the fourth estate.

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  • BHA: Journalism, Churnalism and Media Bias

    ow much journalism is churnalism - the uncritical regurgitation of press releases? To what extent can we trust what we read in the press about medical and other scientific discoveries and breakthroughs? How impartial is mainstream media coverage of key political and economic issues? And just how much of tabloid news is just, well, made up?

  • The IET launches open access engineering megajournal

    10 July 2012: The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is to become the first engineering, not-for-profit publisher to adopt an open access model with the launch of a comprehensive, online-only open access journal. Open access options will also be added to its existing 26 journals. This is part of the IET’s continuing mission to make essential engineering intelligence available to the worldwide engineering community, benefitting researchers who contribute to or use this content.

  • The IET finalises global editorial board for The Journal of Engineering and reveals article processing charge for all open-access publishing options

    12 February 2013 – The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has today revealed further details of its open access offering, announcing the recruitment of eight section editors to take editorial responsibility for The Journal of Engineering, its open access journal, which is set to start publishing in Q2 2013. The IET has also disclosed the Article Processing Charges (APCs) which will be paid by those publishing articles, along with its waiver policy.

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