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International condemnatio of Israel's blockade increased after the attack

Trimble on Gaza flotilla inquiry

Israel had rejected UN demands for an independent international inquiry into its attack on an aid flotilla, but appointed two foreign observers to its domestic committee.

  • The conflict in Gaza was condemned by human rights groups

    Revealed: British arms used in Gaza conflict

    British arms were used by Israel during recent operations in Gaza, the foreign secretary has admitted.

  • Devastation in Gaza

    What next for Gaza?

    Articles for by Israel and Palestine's leading advocates within the Labour party published today show just how badly recent fighting has hit hopes for peace in the Middle East.

  • The Hamas slogan

    Hamas urged to pull back from the abyss

    There is still time for Hamas to "pull back from the brink" and halt its slide into an organisation that rules purely through terror, UK human rights activists have said.

  • The two MEPs outside the Israeli embassy

    Israel called on to refund EU aid to Gaza

    Two leading Green MEPs have travelled to the Israeli embassy in London today to demand Israel refunds all EU aid spent on Gaza's infrastructure over the past decade.

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