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Iraqis celebrate around a toppled statue of Saddam Hussein on April 12th 2003.

Iraq 15 years on: The birthplace of post-truth

The lies that were told in the lead up to the invasion paved the way for Trump and Brexit.

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  • Chris Nineham: Iraq 'marked a steep change in a pre-existing trend of increasing contempt for politicians and disengagement with official politics'.

    Comment: Iraq, protest, and the damage done

    Ten years after the initial invasion, the legacy of the Iraq War will be of dismal failure. But its legacy of protest is only just getting started.

  • Lib Dems hope to use Iraq war tenth anniversary to remind voters of the party they used to be

    Iraq war? What Iraq war?

    Nick Clegg is expected to defy a letter from William Hague to Cabinet members asking them to avoid talking about the rights and wrongs of Britain's participation in the US-led March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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