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Car production: Moving away from the UK.

Car crash: The Brexit clear-out of UK manufacturing has already begun

Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Nissan are voting with their feet. Project Fear is now Project Reality.

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  • The UK investment management industry is thriving

    Growth of the UK asset management industry has been extremely strong in recent years; particularly among authorised funds, which have trebled in a decade.

  • CPA: Pessimism Grips Construction Industry

    The latest Construction Trade Survey published today shows that construction activity fell sharply in Q3, despite a return to growth for the UK economy as a whole. Of greater concern, however, the forward looking indicators of orders and enquiries, were also negative, reinforcing concerns that the sector is unlikely to experience growth until at least 2014.

  • CPA: Construction Industry Urged to Unite As One Voice

    Speaking to an audience of more than 500 guests at the Construction Products Association’s Autumn Lunch, the Association’s Chairman, Bill Bolsover laid out his vision of the future and for all parts of the construction industry to pull together to create a single effective voice, as this was, he said, the only way to ensure the industry would maximise its influence and speed the UK economic recovery.

  • Outlook for UK chemical industry remains strong

    In the latest survey of business prospects carried out for chemical businesses by the industry trade body the Chemical Industries Association, optimism remains high.

  • Richard Lambert sums up his final conference as CBI director-general

    CBI chief questions 'corny' Cable

    Vince Cable's concerns about short-termism in corporate governance are "corny", the director-general of the CBI has told

  • Cameron takes on Miliband to win CBI support

    Analysis: Optimism and pessimism at the CBI

    The political climate is not well-suited for either David Cameron or Ed Miliband to win over British businesses. Yet one's willingness to lay out and defend his economic plans may have trumped the warnings of the other.

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