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Welsh government position on shooting confirmed

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has received ministerial confirmation which quashes claims that country sports will be banned in Wales by 2024.  The false information was spread through a series of social media posts in March this year, which made claims that shooting and other country sports would have no future in… Read more »

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Denham sets out higher ed spending commitments
Govt plans 60K increase in student numbers

The government wants to increase the number of students in higher education by 60,000, the universities and skills secretary said today. Setting out the government’s spending commitments for higher education, John Denham said ministers want a 60,000 increase in student numbers by 2010/11. This is part of a wider commitment to increasing and widening participation… Read more »

MPs vote against Tory motion condemnding funding cuts
MPs decline to condemn degree funding cuts

The Conservatives have accused Labour backbenchers of “hypocrisy” for failing to vote against government cuts for second degrees. Less than a quarter of the Labour MPs that signed up to an early day motion expressing concern at the government’s plans to reduce funding for equivalent or lower qualification (ELQ) degrees voted against the government in… Read more »