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  • Review of UK Energy Policy

    UKERC has published a review of UK Energy Policy, calling on the Government to take action during this Parliament in a number of key energy policy areas.

  • Reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions and the Clean Growth Strategy

    How well is the UK doing when it comes to meeting its legally-binding climate change targets? This video sets out progress to date and provides an independent assessment of the government's Clean Growth Strategy.

  • Green gas will deliver decarbonised heat to the UK

    The gas grid currently delivers gas into the homes over 85% of the UK population which is achieved through a first-class distribution network developed over many years.

  • UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017

    The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 evidence report, prepared for the UK Government by the the Committee on Climate Change, identifies where more effort is necessary, and urgent, to address the risks of climate change.

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