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Jane Fae: 'Green costs' are an investment that benefit all of us.'

Comment: Cameron's plan to cut green levies will cost us all eventually

Cutting green levies on energy bills may save money now, but it will end up costing us a lot more in the future.

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  • Car tax could be a serious political issue

    Brown facing new Commons revolt

    Gordon Brown is facing yet another test of his authority today as the finance bill goes through its last stages in the Commons.

  • Darling lobbied for corporation tax cut

    Darling urged to reject "tax dodgers' charter"

    The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has added its voice to the calls for a tax cut in this Wednesday's Budget, arguing the present rate of corporation tax is making the UK uncompetitive.

  • Ming calls for fairer tax system

    Lib Dems call for 4p tax cut

    The Liberal Democrats called today for a four pence tax cut as part of a bid to make the tax system fairer.

  • Lib Dems call for 'green' households

    Lib Dems call for energy-saving DIY

    The Liberal Democrats are attempting to portray themselves as the 'greenest' of the three major parties, with a new initiative designed to improve household energy efficiency.

  • Conservative tax reform commission proposes £21bn in tax cuts

    Tory group proposes £21bn tax cuts

    George Osborne today insisted the Conservatives would not promise any unfunded tax cuts as the party's tax commission proposed a £21 billion package of cuts.

  • George Osborne and David Cameron insist they will not promise tax cuts

    Cameron and Osborne stand firm on tax cuts

    The Conservative leadership was today holding firm on its pledge not to commit to tax cuts at the next election, ahead of a potential showdown with party members.

  • David Cameron faces a showdown over Conservative tax policies

    Cameron faces showdown over tax cuts

    David Cameron's attempts to curb the Conservatives' tax-cutting tendencies are about to be dealt a fatal blow by the party's tax commission, reports suggest.

  • Vince Cable has proposed a radical new tax system

    Lib Dems in radical tax U-turn

    The Liberal Democrats would tax the rich and polluters to pay for huge tax cuts for the majority, under new proposals.

  • Menzies Campbell, the leader of the Liberal Democrats

    Tax test for Sir Menzies

    Menzies Campbell admits that he will have his leadership ability put to the tax test at the Liberal Democrat's autumn conference.

  • Lyons review moots new council tax to make people recycle

    Lyons moots extra rubbish tax

    People who refuse to recycle their household waste could be charged extra under new proposals to reform local government financing.

  • Menzies Campbell promises to reform the Liberal Democrats

    Lib Dems promise to cut income tax

    Menzies Campbell has today committed the Liberal Democrats to cutting 2p on the basic rate of income tax as he attempts to revitalise his ailing leadership.

  • Chris Huhne unveils the Liberal Democrats' policies on green taxation

    Lib Dems call for £2,000 car tax

    Drivers of the most polluting cars would have to pay up to £2,000 a year in car tax under new proposals unveiled by the Liberal Democrats.

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