General Election 2015

Farage: Nowhere to be found in Thanet, but frequently on the despised BBC

The ghost of Farage hangs over Thanet

The Ukip leader is nowhere to be found in the seat he is trying to win - but his presence can be felt everywhere

The Commons at his back: Miliband will have an easier time forming a government after the election

Even with fewer seats, Labour makes the best case for legitimate government

The Tory press is preemptively trying to rule out a minority Labour government - but if the polls stay as they are, Miliband has the greater argument for legitimacy

This won't hurt a bit

Comment: The real NHS crisis no politician dares talk about

Who wants to be the sanctimonious killjoy who tells voters to get off their backsides?

Thursday's general election takes place under the first-past-the-post voting system

Comment: Time to put our broken electoral system out of its misery

Our electoral system is outdated, unfair and thoroughly broken.

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