General Election 2015

Osborne prepares to present his Budget to the Commons

Labour's meekness has given Osborne the cover to savage the working poor

The chancellor attacks the working poor while presenting himself as a champion of social justice - but it's Labour's weakness which made it possible.

Alienation: The baffling results of UK elections did little to convince Chinese students of the value of democracy

Comment: The UK election was so unfair it put my Chinese students off democracy

When I explained that 12.6% of the vote translated into just one parliamentary seat, my Chinese students seemed less than impressed with democracy

Owning a home, going on holiday: If Labour listens to the people of Nuneaton, it'll be better placed to win next time

Comment: If Labour wants to win again it must learn from what happened in Nuneaton

The town which ended Labour's hopes for government can tell it where it went wrong. But will MPs listen?

Alistair Carmichael: Deep regret

Nikileaks: Former Scottish secretary admits Sturgeon leak

Alistair Carmichael expresses regret for leaking controversial memo

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