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Three months to go until May 6th

Election 2010: Three months to go?

With just three months to go until the likely date of the general election the character of the coming campaign is becoming clearer and clearer.


    Feature: Downgrading the expenses storm

    Despite the thousands of column inches and the hours of broadcast coverage, the expenses scandal's impact on grassroots politics remains questionable.


    Feature: New Labour, old tactic

    Labour campaigners hope pointing to 'Tory cuts' in Conservative-run local authorities will help their defence of key marginal seats. The tactic may not be as straightforward as they think.


    Election 2010: The south

    The Conservatives are in the hunt for gains across the south of England as Liberal Democrat and Labour struggle to cling on to their seats. In the capital, at least, everything is up for grabs.


    Election 2010: Scotland, Wales and NI

    The nationalist impact makes electioneering in the more electorally complex devolved nations of Britain more frantic - and much harder to predict.

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