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Mandelson: 'The Tories are going to win'

Bad body language: The secret cost of Labour's coalition negotiation

The disrespectful body language of Labour's negotiating team was one of the reasons that a Lib-Lab coalition became impossible in 2010, new memoirs have revealed.

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  • Diabetes UK 2010 general election manifesto

    Diabetes UK has published a manifesto for the 2010 General Election. The Improving Lives manifesto outlines the 10 key areas we want the next Government, whatever Party is leading it, to address.

  • British Humanist Association: A Humanist Manifesto for the 2010 General Election

    We want a society where there is a culture of respect for human rights. We want a government that will commit to building such a culture and protecting the Human Rights Act. We want a government that will increase human rights education and help to make human rights a tool in protecting people from oppression and discrimination.

  • Election of General Secretary of the NASUWT

    The NASUWT is pleased to formally announce the re-election of Chris Keates as General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest and the leading union representing teachers in the UK.

  • Election court will sit in Saddleworth

    Court challenge to Saddleworth result begins

    Shadow immigration minister Phil Woolas faces a five-day fight in court to save his Oldham East and Saddleworth seat from his Liberal Democrat challenger.

  • Tory leaders leave the Cabinet Office during coalition negotiations

    Coalition rewrites post-election history

    David Cameron has denied misleading Conservative MPs during coalition talks with the Liberal Democrats, insisting he did not tell them Labour was offering Nick Clegg's party electoral reform without a referendum.

  • New politics: The 2010 election was one of the most dramatic in recent history

    Feature: Election Aftermath picks up the pieces after one of the most exciting and dramatic general elections in recent history.

  • Media scrum - but is anyone winning?

    Election aftermath: The media

    In the first of a special week-long assessment of the general election, looks at what the campaign taught us about the role of the media.

  • David and Samantha Cameron enter No 10

    Coalition PM Cameron enters No 10

    David Cameron has entered No 10 as prime minister, after a day of negotiations in which the details of a full Conservative-Lib Dem coalition were finalised.

  • Gordon Brown resigns this evening, flanked by his wife Sarah

    Gordon Brown resigns as PM

    Gordon Brown has quit as prime minister, following the emergence of an expected Liberal Democrat-Conservative pact.

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