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Ministers say government action alone cannot bridge the gender pension gap
People ‘must save’ to tackle gender pension gap

Women must save more for their retirement if the gender gap in pension provision is to be addressed, ministers have warned today. The government has pledged to tackle the fact that just 30 per cent of women currently retire on a full state pension, compared to 85 per cent of men. But women’s minister Meg… Read more »

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Covid-19 has led to global humanist crackdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many countries cracking down on humanists’ freedom of thought and expression, with some countries blaming the non-religious for the pandemic, while the restrictions imposed by many others have left closeted humanists trapped with their hostile families. Those are the findings of this year’s Freedom of Thought Report, published today… Read more »

Government must end pension inequality for low-income workers

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) urges swift action to end the injustice that people on low incomes (mostly women) are charged 25 per cent more for their pension contributions due to the way their employers’ pensions schemes operate.

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Female players still get paid less for winning Wimbledon
Jowell slams Wimbledon’s unequal prize money

Culture secretary Tessa Jowell has today weighed in to the row over prize fees at Wimbledon, expressing “deep concern” that women still receive less than men. When the tennis championships kick off next Monday, the male players will be aiming for a top prize of £655,000, but the winning female player will only get £625,000…. Read more »