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'Greed and grab' in the City - followed by the crash of 2008

Interview: Professor Emeritus Eric Evans on Margaret Thatcher's legacy

Now the Iron Lady has finally been laid to rest such debates will fade away, making her legacy more and more the focus of historians. Evans, whose book Thatcher and Thatcherism has re-examined the impact of her collected policies through the 1970s to the current coalition, thinks that, like the French Revolution, it's too soon to really tell quite what effect Thatcherism will have on Britain.

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  • ESRC: Parliament's power has shifted to the banks

    A recent report by Positive Money into the UK's banking system has highlighted that the banks have more spending power than the Government. But, unlike the Government, the banking system is not accountable to voters and its power is concentrated in the hands of a few people. Five banks, with branches on most high streets, hold 85 per cent of the UK's money and they have less than 80 board members - individuals whose decisions have the power to shape the economy.

  • ABI response to HMT consultation

    New regulatory system must be good for customers, says the Association.

  • ABI International Regulation Seminar

    Collision or Convergence? A New World Order for the International Insurance Market? The collapse or forced bail-outs of a series of large, financial institutions in 2008 threw both markets and governments into turmoil. Now the fate of some European economies threatens even larger ructions.

  • ABI: A Fresh Start for Conduct Regulation Conference

    Regulation of the UK financial services sector is changing. The Financial Services Bill will establish a new regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority – with an overall objective to make financial services markets work well for consumers. The FCA is expected to be a more intrusive and proactive regulator than the FSA. For example... read more.

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