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Women: lost in the Brexit debate

Women: The unmentioned victims of Brexit

From textiles to social work, Brexit will have a disproportionate impact on women.

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  • ESRC: Myths of man-hating feminists make feminism unpopular

    Feminism was one of the most influential political movements in 20th century Western Europe. Yet, in the 21st century, the label 'feminist' is often forcefully rejected, particularly by young women. New research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) suggests that, in rejecting feminism, women are often seeking to position themselves within conventional norms of femininity and heterosexuality.

  • ERS: Report from 'Counting Women In' campaign on gender equality in politics

    A new report from the Counting Women In campaign has found that representation of women in local government remains stagnant after May elections, that at the current rate of change we face another 150 years before women have an equal say, and that political parties are key to getting more women into town halls.

  • Unlock Democracy: David Cameron must keep his promise to increase the number of female ministers by the end of his first term

    The Centre for Women and Democracy, Electoral Reform Society, Fawcett Society, Hansard Society and Unlock Democracy, have joined forces to launch Counting Women In, a new campaign calling for David Cameron to keep his promise to have 1/3 of his ministers be women by the end of his first term as Prime Minister

  • ESRC: Most migrant sex workers are not forced to sell sex

    Most migrants working in the London sex industry do not feel they are forced to sell sex. In fact, they decide to work in the sex industry to achieve a good standard of living for themselves and their families back home. They say working in the sex industry avoids employment in menial and poorly paid jobs. These are the findings of a study led by Dr Nick Mai of London Metropolitan University. The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is based on in-depth interviews with 100 women, men and transgender migrants working in the London sex industry.

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