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Back to the blue? David Campbell Bannerman rejoins the Tory party.

Ukip in crisis as leading MEP defects to Tories

Ukip was in crisis today as one of its leading MEPs and former deputy leader defected to the Conservatives.

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  • Tony Blair could be the first new EU president

    Lisbon: The endgame

    The Lisbon treaty is edging closer and closer to becoming reality, as the future of Europe dominates Britain's domestic political scene.

  • Tony Blair has been reticent about accepting candidacy

    Blair soundings denied by No 10

    Downing Street says claims two senior civil servants are lobbying behind closed doors for Tony Blair to become EU president are nothing but "speculation".

  • Tony Blair could be first EU president

    Miliband: Hague 'silly' to oppose Blair

    David Miliband has attacked Conservative "partisanship" in opposing Tony Blair's potential bid to become the European Union's first president.

  • Tony Blair, the first president of the EU?

    Blair: EU president?

    An Irish 'yes' vote in today's Lisbon treaty referendum could trigger diplomatic moves to install Tony Blair as the first president of the newly reinvigorated European Union.

  • EU looks to Ireland again

    Cameron hints at Lisbon treaty U-turn

    David Cameron has given the first indications he may not force a referendum on the Lisbon treaty if the Conservatives win power.

  • Claude Moraes MEP frustrated at European parliament coverage

    MEP frustrated over media coverage

    As Gordon Brown's speech gives the European parliament some rare coverage in the British press, a leading Labour MEP has vented his frustration about just how rare that coverage is.

  • Hague: EU has ignored Ireland

    Hague: EU has ignored Ireland

    The European Union (EU) has ignored Ireland's 'no' vote on the Lisbon treaty and is pushing on regardless, foreign secretary William Hague has said.

  • EU 'costs Britain £106,117 a minute'

    EU 'costs Britain £106,117 a minute'

    EU membership costs Britain £106,117 a minute, or £55 billion this year alone, according to a eurosceptic group operating in Brussels.


    Pro-Europeans hit back

    Reports that the EU costs British taxpayers £106,117 a minute are put under the spotlight by pro-European groups.

  • Tory MEP expelled over expenses

    Tory MEP expelled over expenses

    North West Conservative MEP Den Dover has been expelled from the Tory party and looks set to face a criminal investigation after an inquiry found him guilty of expense abuses.

  • Hopes are high for a real change in US foreign policy under Obama

    America 'won't change' under Obama

    The likelihood for change in America has been downplayed by European minister Denis MacShane at a conference in Westminster today, in an effort to promote a stronger and more independent Europe.

  • EU employs far more than it claims, a think tank has said

    EU staff 'totals 170,000'

    The EU has more employees than are in the UK army, a think tank has claimed.

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