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"Ed Miliband held talks with concerned Tory MPs on Saturday about the absence of plans to give parliament a say on the Brexit deal being pursued in Article 50 talks"

Finally a viable opposition to hard Brexit is beginning to emerge

The weekend's developments are just the start of what is needed

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  • Nick Clegg faces a new threat as he strives to hold his seat in Sheffield Hallam

    Miliband to target Clegg on 2015 campaign trail

    Ed Miliband has pledged to campaign against Nick Clegg in the 2015 general election – a move unlikely to help him in the event of a hung parliament.

  • Ed Miliband's final PMQs of 2014 contained hints the worst is behind him

    PMQs verdict: Finally, Miliband's long wait is over

    It's been a hellish 51 months for Ed Miliband. Ever since being elected as leader of the opposition he's faced periodic claims that he's just not very good at his job. Now, just when it matters most, the evidence from today's prime minister's questions suggests that's suddenly going to stop mattering.

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