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The Political Week Online: A hard knock life for MPs

It's a hard knock life for MPs, being threatened with an 11% pay rise against your will. Plus gender segregation, DWP screw-ups, Home Office screw-ups, and the correct etiquette of the selfie.

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  • Steve Webb is the longest serving pensions minister in recent years

    Interview: Pensions minister Steve Webb

    In the grand sweep of things pensions is under the radar at the moment in political terms. This is partly because of the approach of the coalition's pensions minister, Steve Webb, who spends his days pursuing agreement away from the headlines.

  • Welfare reforms will push households below poverty line

    Welfare reform ‘will drive children into poverty’

    Hundreds of thousands of children will be living in poverty by 2012 due to radical changes in welfare payments, according to a report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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