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"Many female prisoners have a history of trauma, mental health problems and have suffered poverty, homelessness and domestic abuse"

Women shouldn't be forced to seek refuge inside a prison

The current approach to women prisoners isn't working

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  • Helping prevent vehicle crime

    Preventing vehicle related crime in car parks, the safer parking scheme has reduced the costs to the economy by half.

  • Innovation to cut crime and protect victims

    Electronic Monitoring can be used to track and locate offenders, and is being trialled to tackle the most persistent offenders. Reducing crime, improving efficiency, protecting victims and assisting rehabilitation.

  • Minimum pricing linked to 9% drop in crime

    New report shows impact of minimum alcohol prices in British Colombia, Canada.

  • BASC: Airgun crime falls by 45% in Scotland

    BASC Scotland today welcomed official figures which show the number of offences involving airguns has dropped from 427 in 2009/10 to 233 in 2010/11. This follows a strong downward trend in offences over a five year period showing a decline of 66% in the number of offences since 2006/07.

  • Not so bad after all: The public grossly overestimates crime, benefits and teenage pregnancy

    Cheer up: It's better than you think

    The public are hugely prejudiced against good news and grossly overestimate the rate of crime, immigration and teenage pregnancy in Britain, major new research shows.

  • The Stuart Hall sentence raised eyebrows

    Labour demands harsher punishment for Stuart Hall

    Labour wrote to the attorney general today demanding a more severe punishment for former BBC presenter Stuart Hall, who was given a sentence of just 15 months despite being found guilty of sexually abusing 13 girls.

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