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Lords reform seems dead in the water. Time to move on?

Analysis: Time to let go of Lords reform

Liberal Democrats would do well to realise it's time to let go of Lords reform - and by doing so make the most of their remaining time in government.

  • All change for Britain's redrawn electoral map

    Boundary changes: More chaos to come

    Warnings that the boundary changes chaos isn't just going to be a one-off have been around for a while. But they're increasing in intensity and frequency, as the latest one - from the University of Bristol's Ron Johnson - shows.

  • Boundary changes could have a worse impact than previously feared

    Boundary changes: Fracturing Britain's democracy

    Once you were a member of a community represented in parliament by an elected politician. Now it looks like you're nothing more than a number, to be shuffled around by civil servants at will.

  • Financial privilege - when it comes to money, the Commons holds the power

    More light than heat in financial privilege row

    So how are peers taking the constitutional nose-snubbing they've endured by the Commons, which invoked financial privilege as it overrode the Lords' amendments two weeks ago? As we've seen in the upper House this afternoon, not very well.

  • Benefit cap resistance likely to be dampened through nine-month grace period

    Welfare reform: Don't expect much fight from the Lords

    Reading this blogpost is going to be a painful experience for opponents of the government's welfare reforms - especially those that read my observations on the theoretical possibilities about resistance in the Lords last week.

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