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Tories Learn Lessons from Best State Schools -
Tories champion state schools

The Conservatives today pledged to champion successful state schools. Shadow schools secretary Michael Gove launched a new campaign, Comprehensively Excellent, to champion the best performing state schools and spread their examples of best practice. Outlining a raft of education proposals at the Conservative conference, Mr Gove said education was too important to wait until the… Read more »

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Johnson vows to spend the coming months formulating policy, in preparation for the mayoral race in 2008.
Johnson enters policy lockdown

Boris Johnson’s supporters – and critics – were warned not to expect any detailed policy announcements from the cycling MP as he prepares for his mayoral campaign. The high-profile Conservative MP warned of a “policy lockdown” before he officially launches his campaign to replace Ken Livingstone as the mayor of London. Addressing the Conservative party… Read more »

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