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"When the next crisis occurs, the lesson from Chilcot should be that we should think more carefully about acting - not that we should never act at all"

Iraq killed the case for liberal intervention

The Chilcot report could paralyse us from acting when people really do need help

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  • Lords begin driverless car inquiry

    Developers of autonomous vehicles must ensure they consult fully with members of the public to ensure their needs are properly met, a House of Lords committee heard yesterday.

  • Trams need a push, inquiry hears

    Britain needs to embrace more light rail, discourage workplace parking, improve links between planning and transport and encourage vehicle sharing to tackle urban congestion

  • BASC showcases benefits of shooting in government sports inquiry

    BASC has told a government inquiry how shooting can help to get more people active, reduce social isolation and promote personal wellbeing while encouraging engagement with the natural environment.

  • Richard Heller: 'Many bad decisions are made in good faith by people who sincerely believed that they were doing the right thing'

    Comment: An open letter to John Chilcot

    Amid rumours that John Chilcot is facing pressure to water down the findings of his inquiry into the Iraq war, Richard Heller writes to him encouraging him to stand firm.

  • Lib Dems hope to use Iraq war tenth anniversary to remind voters of the party they used to be

    Iraq war? What Iraq war?

    Nick Clegg is expected to defy a letter from William Hague to Cabinet members asking them to avoid talking about the rights and wrongs of Britain's participation in the US-led March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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