Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
Humanists welcome Assisted Dying Bill drawn 2nd in Lords ballot

A Bill that proposes to legalise assisted dying for adults of sound mind who have six or fewer months left to live has secured second place in the House of Lords private member’s bill ballot. The Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults Bill is being put forward by Lord Falconer, and unlike previous bills, has… Read more »

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Highest number of MPs ever take secular affirmation

The UK has elected the most openly non-religious House of Commons in history, with roughly 40% of MPs during their swearing-in ceremony choosing to take the secular affirmation instead of a religious oath to God, up from 24% after the 2019 election. These include the Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and 50% of the Cabinet…. Read more »

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Week-in-Review: What’s behind Rishi Sunak’s aggressive bipartisanship?

There was a curious apolitical quality to the budget this week. Stood before the commons, a visibly nervous Jeremy Hunt announced the government’s latest fiscal blitz to an atmosphere of detached demur. There were hints of a new activist tilt on tax (see the lifetime pensions allowance rejig for instance), but the steady and deliberate… Read more »

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‘Spreadsheet Jeremy’ is stuck between a rocky economy and hard tax-cutters

In the Autumn Statement in November, Jeremy Hunt was the proud spokesperson of treasury orthodoxy. Outlining the most austere economic plan announced since George Osborne’s “emergency budget” in 2011, the very presence of “spreadsheet Jeremy” sent well-telegraphed signals to Britain’s financier class. The government’s hedonistic flirtation with Trussonomics — lenders were assured — had been as fleeting… Read more »