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  • Holy Redundant! BHA launches campaign to remove Bishops from Parliament

    The British Humanist Association (BHA) has today launched its campaign to remove reserved seats for the Bishops from the House of Lords. The campaign, ‘Holy Redundant’, follows on from the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill reporting on Monday in support of the Government’s proposals to keep reserved seats for Bishops in a reformed second chamber by a vote of 13-7.

  • BHA: Lords Reform Committee calls for end of reserved seats for Bishops

    Reports circulating in the media that the parliamentary Joint Committee on House of Lords Reform is poised to endorse the removal of reserved places in the upper house for Church of England Bishops have been given a provisional welcome by the British Humanist Association (BHA).

  • BHA: The Bishops see their role as speaking for those of all faiths’

    The Government explains why it wants to keep the Church of England in the House of Lords.

  • BHA: Bishops in the Lords still hold privileged status on behalf of a tiny minority of the population

    Today sees the introduction into the House of Lords of Rachel Treweek, the Bishop of Gloucester, who will be the first female bishop of the Church of England (CofE) to sit in the House of Lords. While the move may represent progress towards gender equality within the Church of England, the British Humanist Association (BHA) has pointed out that by sitting as of right in the Lords, the bishops still hold an unfair, unnecessary and unjustified privilege in representing just a tiny proportion of the UK population.

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