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Activists oppose Heathrow expansion

Heavy police presence at Heathrow climate camp

Police have moved into the climate change camp at Heathrow airport.

  • Tony Blair says he will not give up long-haul flights

    Blair 'won't stop long-haul flights'

    Tony Blair has said he will not give up exotic holidays and the long-haul flights that get him there, arguing that climate change is better tackled by investing in new technology.

  • Transport secretary says he is still committed to airport expansion

    Govt 'committed' to airport expansion

    The government has today reaffirmed its commitment to airport expansion, despite warnings that the move undermined the UK's efforts to tackle climate change.

  • Airlines and environmentalists condemn green plans

    Airline tax plans slammed

    Plans to double air passenger duty have today been condemned by the aviation industry and environmentalists alike, who argue they will not help tackle climate change.

  • Academics urge higher flight costs to cut climate change impact of aviation

    Tough action urged to curb aviation

    Flights must be made more expensive and airport expansion plans scrapped if Britain is to have any hope of meeting its climate change targets, academics have warned.

  • Opposition MPs express concern about BAA takeover deal

    MPs concerned over BAA takeover

    MPs have today expressed serious concern at the news that Britain's largest airport operator has accepted a takeover bid from a Spanish firm.

  • Ministers and police urged to investigate claims of CIA flights using UK airports

    CIA 'terror' flights probe demanded

    The government is being urged to take action over claims that UK airports are being used by the CIA to transport suspects to countries where they might be tortured.


    Transport terror threat 'very high'

    The threat of terrorist attacks on Britain's transport system "remains grave" and should be countered by every means possible, MPs warn today.

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