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Significantly watered-down, but the bank-grab plans remain in place

Treasury presses ahead with powers to take money out of your bank account

New powers allowing the government to take disputed funds from people's bank accounts are being watered-down following an outcry - but remain in place.

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  • The last leaves of 2013: Osborne can't catch a break despite the sunnier outlook

    Public back Balls over Osborne following autumn statement

    Ed Balls may have taken a battering in the Commons yesterday but a shock new poll shows the public backed him over George Osborne in their assessment of yesterday's autumn statement.

  • Nelson Mandela dies

    The Political Week Online: A Week in December

    What a week. It started off with a young swimming star coming out, and ended up with an old civil rights icon reaching the end of his life. Somewhere in the middle, an editor was forced to defend his patriotism to a select committee. And the chancellor delivered his autumn statement.

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