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Voting time in Port Stanley

Propaganda or diplomacy? Falklands referendum riles Argentina

Falkland Islanders are wrapping up voting today in their two-day referendum on self-determination.

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  • The Falkland Islands faces a war of attrition from Argentina

    Argentina ready for Falklands court battle

    Argentina is set to open a new legal front in its 'war of attrition' against the Falkland Islands.

  • What future for the Falkland Islands?

    Podcast #18: Falklands trouble

    Three decades after British forces fought a war over them, the future of the Falkland Islands is once again very much in the news. This week we're asking: what price is Britain paying for clinging hold of this small archipelago?

  • A pebble beach on the Falklands Islands. Ownership of the territory is still a major dispute between Britain and Argentina.

    Overnight, the Falklands dispute comes alive

    There were intense diplomatic scenes overnight, after a Latin American deal froze a host of British ships from using their national ports in response to the UK's continued ownership of the Falkland Islands.

  • There are concerns about the UK's current ability to defend the islands.

    Britain threatens force over Falklands

    Britain is willing to use force to defend its right to the Falkland Islands no matter how robust the rhetoric from Buenos Aires, Liam Fox said today.

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