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Umunna: "If we continue down this path, we could face nothing less than the Trumpification of British democracy"

Umunna warns of 'Trumpification' of British democracy

The former shadow business secretary warned that the rise of a politician like Trump could soon happen in Britain

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  • British actor David Oyelowo inhabits the role of Martin Luther King in a way American actors might have struggled with

    Review: Selma

    The first Martin Luthor King biopic from a major studio proves complex, adult and emotionally satisfying

  • Cassie Chambers: The success of terrorism yesterday should only strengthen our resolve not to let the terrorists win today, tomorrow, or any other day in the future.

    A plea from Boston

    A message from Boston to London: Run your marathon and show the terrorists we don't give in to fear

  • Lincoln is a flawed but respectable offering from Spielberg

    Review: Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg's labour of love to one of America's greatest presidents will be catnip to political geeks but is likely to bore mainstream audiences.

  • Morning winter sunlight floods the White House as Barack Obama talks on the phone with British prime minister David Cameron

    Ten ways Obama's second term will shape Britain

    As Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington DC heralds the start of the US president's second term in the White House, here's a run-through of the most important challenges coming up in the next four years.

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