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Whisky exports: Four times as much value as food

One more for the road: Whisky industry fears prospect of Scottish independence

Scotch whisky makes up a quarter of Britain's entire food and drink exports. But the industry is growing fearful about the prospect of an independent Scotland

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  • Promoting alcohol responsibly

    The Portman Group explains the system of regulation of alcohol marketing in the UK, which occurs through collaboration, clear Codes of Practice, independent oversight, and support as well as sanctions.

  • EU council calls for an alcohol strategy

    The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) welcomes the Council’s call for an EU Alcohol Strategy 2016-2022 on the 7th December 2015.

  • The problems of cheap, high strength alcohol

    This animation from the Institute of Alcohol Studies explains how cheap, high strength alcohol products sold at low prices, have a devastating impact on underage and dependent drinkers' health, contributing to over a million hospitalisations and 23,000 deaths each year in England alone.

  • IAS responds to IEA’s report ‘Alcohol and the Public Purse’

    The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) has released a response to the Institute of Economics Affairs’ (IEA) recent discussion paper, ‘Alcohol and the Public Purse’.

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