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  • Changes urged to planning framework

    Government must provide clear criteria for the siting of new housing to ensure developments meet wider societal objectives around improving air quality, encouraging healthy living and creating inclusive environments.

  • Air quality challenge beats ozone fears

    Improving air quality represents a challenge on a scale far in excess of reversing the damage caused to the ozone layer

  • Air quality strategy for London’s West End

    Air pollution is a problem for London’s West End. New West End Company’s Air Quality Strategy sets out steps to help members improve local air quality, with the goal of reducing air pollution caused by businesses by 10 per cent and reduce commercial vehicle trips across the district by 40 per cent by 2020.

  • Committee urges stronger air quality focus

    A new report from the committee highlights that polluted towns and cities are expected to hit 2010 air quality targets 10 years late

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