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Norway, Denmark, and human rights groups challenge UK over abortion deletion

Over 20 human rights, pro-choice, and international aid groups, and the Norwegian and Danish Governments, have called on the UK Government to reverse its decision to arbitrarily strip ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ and ‘bodily autonomy’ from an international human rights statement it – and 22 other countries – signed only two weeks ago…. Read more »

Treasury must reinvest up to £1bn of potential savings from the next state pension age rise to help people adversely affected, says think tank Phoenix Insights

Longevity think tank Phoenix Insights, part of Phoenix Group, is today calling for the Government to reinvest up to £1billion of the potential savings that will come about if it raises the state pension age again, to support those most negatively impacted by a rise. The last rise in state pension age did not simply… Read more »

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Priti petrol
Priti Petrol

Prime minister Boris Johnson tried to dampen the flames of the racism row in parliament yesterday, saying “nobody defends booing” England players when they take the knee. He was responding to accusations by England defender Tyrone Mings that the home secretary, Priti Patel, has stoked the fire ahead of the Euro 2020 tournament by dismissing… Read more »