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Peter Hain was re-elected MP for Neath in May 2010 with a majority of 9,775.

Hain was educated at Pretoria Boys High School and at Emanuel School, Queen Mary College (University of London) graduating with a first class Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science in 1973 and the University of Sussex, obtaining an M.Phil.[4]. After university, Hain worked as a researcher for the Union of Communication Workers, rising to become their head of research.

Peter became chairman of the Stop The Tour campaign which disrupted tours by the South African rugby union and cricket teams in 1969 and 1970.

He joined the Liberal Party and was elected president of the Young Liberals, but in 1977 switched to Labour. The same year, he was a founder of the Anti-Nazi League and he remains a prominent supporter of Unite Against Fascism today.

After Labour's victory in the 1997 general election he joined the government, first at the Welsh Office, then as minister for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In November 1999, as Africa minister he entertained Robert Mugabe in London who told him "I know you are not one of them, Peter; you are one of us," [5] But the following day, following an attempt by Gay Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to carry out a 'citizen's arrest' on Mugabe, Mugabe accused Hain of being Tatchell's "wife"[6].

In October 2000 he set up a war avoidance team to carry messages back and forth between himself the then Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq, Tariq Aziz (a matter then confidential which has since been put on public record in an interview with Mr Hain by the Today program). Team members who travelled repeatedly to Iraq on behalf of Mr Hain variously included William Morris (Next Century Foundation), Dr Burhan Chalabi (an Iraqi born British businessman), and Nasser al-Khalifa (the then Qatari Ambassador to the UK).[citation needed]

Hain moved briefly to the Department of Trade and Industry before returning to the Foreign Office as minister for Europe.

On 6 May 2005, following the 2005 general election, Hain was appointed as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, retaining his Welsh position also. Although previously a supporter of Irish unity, he has since retreated from this position. On 28 June 2007 he was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in addition to retaining responsibility for Wales.

On 24 January 2008, he resigned from several posts including his position as Work and Pensions secretary. He returned to government a year later as Welsh secretary and was appointed shadow Wales secretary by Ed Miliband after the 2010 general election and is also chairman of the Labour party national policy committee.





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