Brock, Deidre

Deidre Brock, SNP MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

Broiler chicken

Battery hens and broiler chickens are the terms used to describe poultry raised in "industrial" highly intensive farming environments, for egg production and meat production, respectively.

Brokenshire, James

James Brokenshire, Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup

Brooks Newmark

Brooks Newmark, Conservative MP for Braintree -

Brown, Alan

Alan Brown, SNP MP for Kilmarnock & Loudoun

Brown, Gordon

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Labour

Brown, Lyn

Lyn Brown, Labour MP for West Ham

Brown, Nick

Nicholas Brown, Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend

Browne, Anthony

Anthony Browne is the Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire, having first been elected to Parliament in the 2019 general election with a majority of 2,904 over the Liberal Democrats. Born on the 19th January 1967, Anthony was educated at Cambridge University. Anthony worked as a journalist for The Times, The BBC and the Observer and...

Brownfield Development

'Brownfield' land is an area of land or premises that has been previously used, but has subsequently become vacant, derelict or contaminated. This term derived from its opposite, undeveloped or 'greenfield' land. Brownfield sites typically require preparatory regenerative work before any new development goes ahead, and can also be partly occupied.

Bruce, Fiona

Fiona Bruce, Conservative MP for Congleton

Bryant, Chris

Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda

Buchan, Felicity

Felicity Buchan is the Conservative MP for Kensington, having first been elected to Parliament in 2019 with a slim majority of 150 votes over the Labour Party. Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Felicity studied Law at Oxford University. Felicity worked for 10 years for American investment bank JPmorgan Chase before moving to Bank of America. Twitter...

Buck, Karen

Karen Buck, Labour MP for Westminster North

Buckland, Robert

Robert Bucland, Conservative MP for Swindon South


What is the Budget? The Budget is the government of the day's main set-piece economic event.

Bullying in schools

'Bullying' refers to physical or psychological chastisement or intimidation.

Burghart, Alex

Alex Burghart is the Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar in Essex, having first been elected to Parliament in 2017. Alex was reelected in the 2019 General Election with a majority of 29,065  over the Labour  Party. Alex was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Boris Johnson when he became Prime Minister in 2019. Born...

Burgon, Richard

Richard Burgon, Labour MP for Leeds East