Smith, Nick

Labour MP for Blaenau Gwent. Former campaigns manager at the NSPCC and head of membership for the Labour Party. Former Camden Councillor. Enjoys park runs.

Smith, Royston

Royston Smith, Conservative MP for Southampton Itchen


In the UK, people commonly smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Smoking ban

An overview of the smoking ban that exists in the United Kingdom, its history, what has been in its impact, and details of the calls for further reform on smoking legislation.

Smyth, Karin

Labour MP for Bristol West. Former PPS to Keir Starmer. Former NHS Manager

Sobel, Alex

Labour MP for Leeds North West. Former manager of social enterprises. Leeds City Councillor. Supports proportional representation.

Social Democrat and Labour party (SDLP)

The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) is a Northern Irish political party that was formed in the early 1970s at the height of the 'Troubles'. The SDLP sits on the left of the political spectrum, and is affiliated to the Labour party.

Social housing

An overview of social housing provision in the United Kingdom, and of the political debates surrounding this sector of the housing market.

Social Policy (EU)

EU economic policy, the single market and regional policy would not effectively secure economic and social cohesion without a legal framework to ensure fair treatment for all citizens. For example, if workers have fewer rights in some member states than in others businesses would (all other things being equal) be incentivised to move to those...

Solloway, Amanda

Amanda Solloway, Conservative MP for Derby North

Special Advisers

Special advisers are temporary civil servants, employed for the duration of an administration to provide a political dimension to the non-partisan work of the general civil service. The number of Special Advisors who later go on to become Members of Parliament is considerable. 

Specialist Schools

Specialist Schools are state secondary schools that aim to be local centres of excellence in their chosen specialism, and which to that end, benefitted from public funding under the "Specialist Schools Programme" and from private sector sponsorship.

Speed cameras

An overview of speed cameras in the UK, how they operate, their number, history, the attitude of public opinion, and the arguments made for and against their use.

Spellar, John

Labour MP for Warley. Long standing Minister in the last Labour government. Former trade union official and Bromley Councillor. On the right of the Labour Party. Critical of Jeremy Corbyn and what her termed, his 'band of Trots'.

Spencer, Ben

Ben Spencer is the Conservative MP for Runnymede and Weybridge, having first been elected to Parliament in 2019 with a majority of 18,270 over the Labour Party. The Runnymede and Weybridge constituency is found within the county of Surrey and covers the affluent towns of Weybridge, Addlestone, and Chertsey.  Containing the university campus of Royal...

Spencer, Mark

Mark Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood

Stafford, Alexander

Alex Stafford was first elected as the Conservative MP for Rother Valley in 2019, having gained the seat off the Labour Party with a majority of 6,318. The Rother valley constituency is found within the county of South Yorkshire and includes the town of Maltby.  It was a former coal mining area whose last pit...

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are like miniature versions of the Commons itself. A new Standing Committee is set up for each Bill, although there are normally no more than eight at one time. Within the Standing Committee, a Bill is debated clause-by-clause.

Starmer, Keir Sir

Keir Starmer was elected Labour leader in 2020 with 56% of the vote. Before being first elected to Parliament in 2015, he was the Director of Public Prosecutions. Starmer is also an amateur footballer and vegetarian.