Christian Matheson

Christian Matheson, Labour MP for City of Chester

Christine Russell

former MP for City of Chester, Labour

Christopher Davies

Christopher Davies, Conservative MP for Brecon & Radnorshire

Christopher Huhne

Eastleigh, Liberal Democrat

Chuka Umunna

Chucka Umunna, Labour MP for Streatham

Churchill, Jo

Jo Churchill, Conservative MP for Bury St Edmunds

Civil Liberties

Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms granted to citizens of a country through national common or statute law.

Civil Service

Civil servants are required by the Civil Service Code to show 'integrity, honesty, impartiality and objectivity' in all their work in assisting the Government in making and administering policy. They are required, as servants of the Crown, to owe their loyalty to the Prime Minister, who is invited by the monarch to form a government....

Claire Perry

Claire Perry, Conservative MP for Devizes

Clark, Greg

Greg Clark, Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells

Class Sizes

"Class size" is a statistical measure employed by the Department for Education which measures the number of pupils taught in a class during a single selected period of a particular school day. This day is usually set to be in January each year to coincide with the Annual School Census.

Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Conservative MP for The Cotswolds

Climate Change

During the last century, concern has grown about the pace at which climate change has been progressing and the extent to which human activity may be aggravating and distorting natural processes.

Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax on energy supplies to industry, commerce, agriculture, local administration and a number of other services. It does not apply at all to domestic energy supplies.

Clive Efford

Clive Efford, Labour MP for Eltham


Cloning is one of the most controversial areas of scientific research of recent times. The term 'cloning' means the asexual reproduction of identical copies of an original, and it is human cloning (and to a lesser extent animal cloning) for reproductive purposes that causes considerable public disquiet.

Coffey, Therese

Therese Coffey, Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal

Colin Breed

Former MP for South East Cornwall, Liberal Democrat

Collins, Damian

Damian Collins, Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe