European Union act

Status of the bill: Enacted

Main purpose of the bill:

To make provision about treaties relating to the European Union and decisions made under them, including provision implementing the Protocol signed at Brussels on 23 June 2010 amending the Protocol (No. 36) on transitional provisions annexed to the Treaty on European Union, to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and to the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community; and to make provision about the means by which directly applicable or directly effective European Union law has effect in the United Kingdom.

Main points of the bill:

Amends the European Communities Act 1972 to ensure that any proposed future EU Treaty, or amendment to the Treaties, and major ratchet clauses that transfer competences or areas of power from the UK to the EU would be subject to a referendum

Amends the European Communities Act 1972 to ensure that an Act of Parliament would be required before a 'ratchet clause' (passerelle) could be used.

Ratifies a Protocol to amend the EU Treaties on measures to adjust the size of the UK and 11 other Member States' delegations in the European Parliament during the current EP Parliamentary term, rather than waiting for the next European Parliamentary elections in 2014.

Places on a statutory footing the common law principle that Parliament is sovereign and that directly applicable or directly effective EU law only takes effect in the UK by virtue of an Act of Parliament.

Progress of the bill:

The European Union Bill was introduced to Parliament on 11th November 2010.

First Reading: 11.11.10 Second Reading: 07.12.10 Committee Stage: 11.01.11 24.01.11 25.01.11 26.01.11 01.02.11 Report Stage: 08.03.11 Third Reading: 08.03.11

First Reading: 09.03.11 Second Reading: 22.03.11 Committee Stage: 05.04.11 26.04.11 03.05.11 09.05.11 16.05.11 17.05.11 23.05.11 25.05.11 Report Stage: 08.06.11 13.06.11 15.06.11 Third Reading: 23.06.11

Ping Pong: 11.07.11 13.07.11 Royal Assent: 19.07.11

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