Anderson, Fleur

Fleur Anderson is the Labour MP for Putney, having first been elected to Parliament in 2019. The Putney constituency is found in the South of London.  The seat follows a large part of the District Line on the south bank of the Thames.  Almost three quarters of the local electorate were opposed to Brexit.

Fleur was first elected in the 2019 General Election gaining the seat from the Conservatives with a majority of 4,774.

Born in 1971 on the Island of Jersey, Fleur was educated at the University of York, and worked for Cafod, Christian Aid, and Water Aid being elected to Parliament.  She has been a councillor on Wandsworth Council, and was formerly Deputy Leader of the council’s Labour Group.

She worked in Bosnia during the 1990s helping to rebuild villages affected by the war, and is Vice Chair of the All Party Group on Bosnia and Herzegovina

She supported Keir Starmer in the 2020 Labour leadership election.

A selection of her political interests can be seen by the fact she is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Charities and Volunteering, and on the Prevention of Genocide, and the Vice Chair of the All Party Group on Fair Trade, and Housing and Planning.

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