Issue Briefs

Air Passenger Duty

An overview of airline passenger duty, how it works, its history, the amount raised, and the various arguments made for and against reforming the levy. Only Chad has higher flight taxes than the UK.Read More
Birmingham finally fell to Labour on May 3rd this year

Birmingham Congestion Charge

An overview of proposals for the introduction of a congestion charge in Birmingham.Read More

Bus lanes

A quick overview of bus lanes, how they operate, the penalties involved, and the case made for and against their introduction.Read More
Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

An overview of the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, covering its construction, operations, and ongoing political issues post Brexit.Read More

Congestion charge in London

An overview of the London congestion charge, covering its current operation and levels, its history, and the conflicting arguments made arounds its impact and benefits.Read More
A Crossrail construction site. The contract has seen blacklisting of construction workers, Unite claims


An overview of the Crossrail project, covering its political objectives, costs, and expected completion.Read More


An overview of cycling policy in the UK, details of the cycle to work scheme, the current levels of cycling, and the calls made for further policy reform.Read More
mobile phone driving

Driving and mobile phones

An overview of the current legal framework relating to the use of a mobile phone when driving, its history, related statistics, and the calls made for further reform.Read More

Free Bus pass

An overview of free bus passes for pensioners, how the system works, who it benefits, and the arguments being made for its retention and reform.Read More

Heathrow expansion

An overview of the debate around the construction of a third runway at Heathrow, its history, the current situation, the alternatives, and the arguments made for and against expansion at Heathrow.Read More


An overview of High Speed 2 (HS2), including the project's objectives and plans, its history, expected costs, current timetable, and the arguments being made for and against its construction. Read More
Manchester city centre: The government's 'local enterprise partnerships' are set to replace the scrapped RDAs

Manchester Congestion Charge

An overview of plans to introduce a congestion charge to Greater Manchester. What is the history? What is involved?Read More

National Air Traffic Services

An overview of the National Air Traffic Services, covering its operations, its history, and the discussion about its potential privatisation.Read More

Plane noise

An overview of the political issue of aviation noise, its history, the current levels and restrictions, and the various arguments deployed around this issue. Read More


An overview of the political issue of potholes, how and where potholes form, the damage and impact caused by the holes, and what is being done to counter them.Read More
Road pricing

Road pricing

An overview of road pricing in the UK, its history, current road pricing schemes, the drivers behind calls for a national scheme, and the arguments made both for and against this new form of road taxation. Read More

Speed cameras

An overview of speed cameras in the UK, how they operate, their number, history, the attitude of public opinion, and the arguments made for and against their use.Read More