Issue Briefs

Affordabe housing

Affordable housing

An overview of the political issue of affordable housing, its history, international comparisons, and the current policy debate around the issue in the United Kingdom.Read More

Bedroom tax

An overview of the bedroom tax, the rules surrounding it, its impact, the motivation behind the policy, the opposition made to it, and successful legal challenges in the courts.Read More
Carers Allowance

Carers allowance

An overview of Carer's Allowance, how it operates, its level, the history of the allowance, and the various proposals made for reform.Read More
Child Maintenance

Child maintenance

An overview of the child maintenance system in the UK, how it currently operates, its history, its role in tackling child poverty, recent reforms, and the associated controversies.Read More

Food banks

An overview of food banks, their operation and growth in the UK, the reasons given for their use, their relative existence in other high income countries, and the various political arguments around them.Read More
Free School Meals

Free school meals

An overview of the free school meals policy in the UK, its history, current operation and criteria, changes made during the Covid 19 pandemic, and the arguments made around future reform.Read More

Generation Rent

An overview of what the term generation rent is meant to mean, the political debate, and the problems that young people face in getting on the housing ladder.Read More


An overview of homelessness in the United Kingdom, its various causes, its forms, statistics, and the related political debate.Read More
Housing Benefit

Housing benefit

An overview of Housing Benefit, its history, changes in light of the introduction of Universal Credit, and the various debates and controversies involving the provision of housing benefits.Read More

PIP rates

An overview of the Personal Independence Payment system in the UK, covering how PIPs work, their payment levels, the assessment procedure, and the political debate surrounding them.Read More

Private renting

An overview of the political debate around the private rental sector, its history, its current size, the regulations it falls under, and the arguments made around future reform.Read More
The new housing measures are designed to help first time buyers

Right to Buy

An overview of the Right to Buy Scheme, covering the discounts that are available, the history of the scheme, and the political arguments surrounding it.Read More

Social housing

An overview of social housing provision in the United Kingdom, and of the political debates surrounding this sector of the housing market.Read More
State Pension Age

State pension age UK

An overview of the ongoing changes being made to the state pension age in the UK, alongside a discussion of the political debate and legal challenges surrounding them.Read More

Universal Basic Income

An overview of proposals for a Universal Basic Income. What is involved? How much does it cost? Where is it in operation? What are the arguments?Read More