Issue Briefs

NHS 111

Ambulance Service

An overview of the Ambulance Service, the emergency response wing of the National Health Service (NHS).Read More
Cancer Research

Cancer Research

An short overview of cancer research, its history and related statistics.Read More
Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

An overview of the political debate around fertility treatment in the UK, covering the current legal framework, access to treatment, history, and ongoing controversies.Read More
Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Agency

An overview of UK food standards regulations, their history, how they operate, changes post Brexit, and the political debate around food regulation.Read More

Foundation Trusts

An overview of NHS Foundation Trusts, their history the policy objectives behind the creation of Foundation Hospitals, and the surrounding political debate.Read More


An overview of public policy in the UK in relation to HIV, statistics, and details of the global initiatives being taken in relation to HIV. Read More


An overview of the combined MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella ) vaccine, covering its history, and the related controversies that have surrounded the vaccine.Read More
Blood test: The human price of Farage's HIV comments

National Blood and Transplant

An overview of the National Blood and Transplant Service, its operation, history, and the related political controversies that have surrounded this area.Read More

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

An overview of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) covering its role, operations, history, and past political controversies.Read More
NHS still short of Nurses

NHS (National Health Service)

An overview of the NHS covering its origins and history, the development of the service, and current statistics around its scale and operation.Read More
NHS 111

NHS 111

NHS 111 replaced NHS Direct. An overview of the service covering its history, operations, and statistics.Read More

NHS Medical negligence

An overview of the issue of medical negligence in the UK, its history, how costs are set to rise from 2% to 4% of the NHS budget, the legal costs, current processes, and recommendations for reform.Read More

NHS prescription charge

An overview of prescription charges in the UK, how they work, the current system of exemptions, their history, what revenue they raise, and the arguments surrounding system reform.Read More
Nurses Pay

Nurses Pay

An overview of nurses pay in the United Kingdom, the current system and level, wage comparisons, and the intense political debate surrounding the issue of a pay rise for nurses.Read More
Buttoned up: Britain's obesity epidemic costs millions - but education programmes could address it at an early stage


A minority condition fifty years ago, obesity is now seen as a major public health issue. An overview of its causes, comparative levels in the UK and internationally, and the policy debate.Read More

Sexual health

An overview of sexual health services in the United Kingdom, their history, current operations, statistics, and the surrounding political debate.Read More
Smoking Ban

Smoking ban UK

An overview of the smoking ban that exists in the United Kingdom, its history, what has been in its impact, and details of the calls for further reform on smoking legislation.Read More
Sugar Tax

Sugar tax

An overview of the sugar tax imposed on soft drinks in the UK, how it works, what is raised, what other countries are doing, what its impact has been, and the calls for a further extension of the sugar levy.Read More
John McClurey on plain packaging and tobacco companies.

Tobacco advertising

An overview of tobacco advertising restrictions in the United Kingdom, their history, impact, and the current state of the debate around tobacco advertising and vaping.Read More