Issue Briefs

Air quality

Air Quality

An overview of air pollution, the current levels in the UK, the legal position post Brexit, and the political debate that is frequently associated with this issue. Read More
Brownfield Land

Brownfield Development

An overview of brownfield development covering it definition, scale, history, current policy, and the political debate surrounding brownfield sites.Read More

Chlorinated Chicken

An overview of the debate surrounding chlorinated chicken, what it is, how safe is it, and a summary of the political arguments made for and against this method of treating chickens.Read More
Climate Change Levy

Climate Change Levy

An overview of the Climate Change Levy: how it operates, who pays it, how it has changed, and the controversies surrounding this particular environmental tax.Read More
Climate change

Conference of the Parties (COP26)

An overview of COP 26, covering the history of the Conference of the Parties, who attends, the Presidency, what happens, and what has been achieved at past events.Read More


An overview of deforestation: what is involved; how fast it is happening; what is the impact; and what is involved with the public policy response and political debate.Read More

Flood Defences

An overview of flood defences in the United Kingdom, covering types of flooding, and what politicians are doing to tackle the increasing problems of flooding.Read More

Green Belt

An overview of the green belt, covering its history, its current location and scale in the United Kingdom, and the political debate that surrounds it.Read More

Landfill Sites

An overview of landfill, how it operates, its current level in the UK, its history, the role of the landfill tax, and the wider political debate on the issue.Read More
National Parks

National Parks

An overview of National Parks in the UK, where they are, how they operate, the history of the designated status, and the ongoing political discussion around National Parks.Read More

Net Zero

An overview of the 'net zero' commitment on climate emissions made in the UK, what is involved, and how that compares in international terms.Read More

Nuclear Power

An overview of nuclear power, covering the history of the industry, past nuclear accidents, its comparative size in the UK and abroad, and the arguments variously made for and against this source of energy.Read More


An overview of OFWAT, the regulator of the water industry in England and Wales.Read More
Organic Farming

Organic Farming

An overview of organic farming, its definition, surrounding controversies and use within the United Kingdom.Read More


An overview of the political debate around organophosphates - the group of synthetic chemical compounds, composed of variable mixtures of phosphorus, carbon, and hydrogen.Read More

Population Growth

An overview of population growth, current global and UK population levels, the history of population growth, and the surrounding political debate. Read More
Councils urged to up recycling efforts

Recycling Centre

An overview of recycling policy in the UK, covering recycling levels and systems, current recycling policies and targets, and recycling post Brexit.Read More