Issue Briefs


An overview of A-Levels covering their history, evolution, recent reforms and the political discussion around the exam system.Read More

Academy School

An overview of the academy school programme in the UK, its history, operation, and roll out, alongside the arguments made by the supporters and opponents of acadmies.Read More
school bullying

Bullying in schools

An overview of school bullying in the UK, including the prevalence of out of school bullying and cyber bullying.Read More
Class sizes

Class Sizes

An overview of the political issue of class sizes covering its history, current levels, and the various arguments that accompany this debate.Read More
State schools twice as likely to report high staff absences due to Covid says Sutton Trust


An overview of the GCSE exam system, how it operates, the history of these exams, alongside the arguments made for and against the current system.Read More
Grammar Schools

Grammar Schools

An overview of the grammar school system, its structure and current operation, its history in the UK, and the ongoing political arguments made around the issue of selective education.Read More


An overview and history of Ofsted, the regulator for schools and education. Covering the operation of the current process, its history, and the various arguments made around the inspection regime.Read More

Open University

The Open University is the UK's largest university. An overview of its operations, its history, and the political drive that led to its founding.Read More
Pupil Premium

Pupil premium funding

An overview of the pupil premium, how it operates, how the funding is allocated, the history of the scheme, and the debate about its effectiveness.Read More


An overview of Standard Assessment Tests (SATS), their history, how they operate, and the political arguments that surround them.Read More

School exclusion

An overview of the school exclusion process in the United Kingdom, how it works, exclusion statistics, and the arguments around the current system.Read More

School leaving age

An overview of the school leaving age in the UK, the current provisions, and the history and political debates around the issue.Read More

Teachers pay

An overview of teachers pay, covering current pay levels, how pay is set, how salaries compare, and the arguments variously made from different quarters around teachers pay.Read More


An overview of truancy covering the causes of truancy, the impact of school absences, the approach to term time holidays, and the political debate around truancy.Read More

Tuition fees

An overview of the tuition fee system in the UK, covering current levels, the operation of the system, its history, potential alternatives, and the arguments made for and against the current regime. Read More