Issue Briefs

5G Masts

An overview of 5G Masts, covering what they do and how they operate, planning regulations, health concerns, and worries over national security.Read More
Arts Funding

Arts Funding

An overview of arts funding, covering the current provisions, and the arguments made for and against public funding of the sector.Read More

BBC Bias

An overview of the various accusations of political bias made against the BBC, including the history of the claims, and the various different forms they take.Read More
Calls for BBC bosses to quit

BBC TV Licence Fee

An overview of the BBC Licence Fee: how it works, the arguments made around its abolition and retention, and details of potential alternative ways to fund the BBC.Read More

Gambling white paper

Overview In April 2023, the UK government published a white paper setting out how it wants gambling regulation to change. Speaking in the House of Commons after the publication of the white paper, culture secretary Lucy Frazer said the long-awaited Gambling White Paper will help “redress the power imbalance between punters and operators” while preventing...Read More


An overview of the operation of ITV, and its obligations to continue to provide local news.Read More


An overview of Ofcom, covering its role in handling complaints in relation to TV, radio, on demand video, telecommunications and postal services, alongside criticisms of the 'super-regulator.Read More

Press regulation

An overview of the regulation of the UK's print media and newspaper industry, covering its history, Leveson, and the arguments around statutory control.Read More