Issue Briefs

Armed Police

Armed Police UK

An overview of armed police in the United Kingdom, detailing the current levels of armed police, how armed police operate, and the political debate around arming the police.Read More


An overview of the legal position surrounding begging in the United Kingdom, and of the current political debate that accompanies it.Read More

Cannabis Laws

An overview of current cannabis laws in the UK, their history, enforcement, exemptions for medicinal use, the approach taken around the world, and the arguments for and against reform.Read More
Child abusers will now face prosecution back at home

Child Abuse

An overview of the political discussion in relation to child abuse, and changes made to the law in the Twenty First Century.Read More
Crown prosecution guilty of breaching the human rights act

Crown Prosecution Service

An overview of the Crown Prosecution Service, coverings its operations, history, and criticisms regularly levelled at the prosecutor.Read More
Dangerous Dogs

Dangerous Dogs

An overview of the efforts to control dangerous dogs in the UK, alongside the level of dog attacks, past legislation, and proposals for further reform.Read More
Capital punishment

Death Penalty UK

An overview of capital punishment, its history in the UK, current public opinion, its continuing existence across parts of the world, and the arguments made for and against its use.Read More

Drugs Policy

An overview of the UK drugs policy, covering its history and different regulations.Read More


An overview of extradition law and policy in the UK, its history, how it works, the impact of Brexit, and the debate around a reform of the system.Read More


An overview of the political issue of extremism in the UK: the various forms in which extremism manifests itself, current statistics, and what action the government is taking.Read More
Hate Crime

Hate Crime

An overview of hate crime in the UK: what is covered, the history of the issue, its current levels, how hate crime is dealt with by UK legislation, and the surrounding debate.Read More


An overview of MI5: covering the broad remit of its operations, its focus, history, and related controversies.Read More

National Identity Card

An overview of the debate around national identity cards, their history in the UK, and the debate for and against ID cards.Read More
Police funding

Police Funding

An overview of police funding in the UK, recent history, the operation of the system, and how UK spending compares in international terms. Read More

Police Numbers

An overview of the debate around police numbers, covering recent history and current levels, international comparisons, statistics around police diversity, and plans for increased police recruitment.Read More

Prison Officers

An overview of the role of prison officers, covering recent history, prison officer numbers, pay levels, and related controversies.Read More
Prison overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding

An overview of the issue of prison overcrowding, the latest numbers, and history of prison overcrowding in the UK.Read More

Prison Rehabilitation

An overview of prison rehabilitation policy in the United Kingdom, covering its history, the current approach, controversies, and statistics.Read More

Private Prisons

An overview of the use of private prisons within the prisons system, their current operation, and the arguments involved.Read More