Issue Briefs

British Monarchy

An overview of the monarchy in the United Kingdom, its role, history, cost, levels of public support, and the arguments made for and against its abolition.Read More
Honours system

Honours System

An overview of the operation of the British honours system, who is eligible for honours, how they are awarded, alongside the criticisms of the wider practice.Read More
"A bill will be brought forward to reform the composition of the House of Lords"

House of Lords Reform

An overview of House of Lords reform, covering its history, the role of the Bishops, the debate around reform, and the different alternative proposals for the second chamber.Read More
Superme Court

Judicial Independence

An overview of judicial independence in the UK, the impact of the major reforms in 2005, and the controversy surrounding the judiciary and Brexit.Read More
London government

London Government

An overview of the operation of London government, how it now works, and the various criticisms that have been levelled against the current structure.Read More
MPs salary

MPs Salaries

An overview of MPs salaries, what Members of Parliament earn, the history of MPs pay, the 2009 expenses scandal, and the arguments made for and against increasing MPs pay.Read More
Judge critical of postal voting system

Proportional Representation

An overview of proportional representation, its history in the UK, the arguments made for and against electoral reform, and the different types of proportional voting systems.Read More

Scottish Independence

An overview of the debate around Scottish independence, covering the latest opinion polls, the arguments made around independence on either side, and the issues that would need to be resolved in the event of a 'Yes' vote.Read More

Scottish Independence Referendum

An overview of IndyRef2, the legal framework surrounding a second vote, the arguments made for and against such a poll, and the growing rise in support for Scottish Independence.Read More
United Ireland

United Ireland

An overview of a United Ireland covering the present framework, history, the impact of Brexit, recent public opinion, and the current debate both for and against a United Ireland.Read More
Welsh Independence

Welsh Independence Poll

An overview of the political debate around Welsh independence, covering its history, and its current levels of support.Read More
Written Constitution

Written Constitution

An overview of a written constitution, how it would work, the basis of the current UK constitution, and the debate around reform.Read More