Issue Briefs

British Summer Time

An overview of the arrangements for British Summer Time, the main proposals for reform, and the arguments made for and against a change in the clocks. Read More
Firefighters victim of '40 attacks a week'

Firefighter Salaries

An overview of the system of firefighter pay in the UK, salary levels, the way salaries are set, and the history of firefighters salaries.Read More

Football Hooliganism

An overview of football hooliganism in the UK, its history, origins, and the steps being taken to counter its rise.Read More


An overview of the fostering system in the UK, current statistics, and the political debate that surrounds the operation of fostering.Read More
Tory-sponsored private bill aims to protect the high street

High Streets

An overview of the plight of the High Street, covering the threats that it has been facing, and the current initiatives to try and restore town centres.Read More

Immigration Removal Centres

An overview of Immigration Removal Centres, detailing their use, their early history and recent reform, alongside the debate around their use.Read More
Lecturers were asked to report on Islamic extremists


An overview of the issue of Islamphobia, a definition, the form it takes, and its relationship with British politics.Read More
Local Government Structure

Local government structure

An overview of the local government structure in the UK, outlining the different tiers of councils and their respective powers.Read More
Mass lobby of parliament calls for action on Post Office network

Post Office closures

An overview of post office branches, the fall at the start of the Century, the stabilisation in branch numbers, reasons for the decline, and current policy. Read More

Prostitution in the UK

An overview of the history and legal framework currently governing prostitution in the UK, alongside the ongoing debate, and the suggested alternative legal structures.Read More

Public Libraries

An overview of the public library system in the UK, covering its history, current levels of use, the drop in funding, and the debates around the future of the public library in a digital age.Read More

Race relations

An overview of UK race relations, touching on history, the legislative framework, and current debates.Read More

UK Immigration

An overview of UK immigration policy, historical and comparable international levels, the visa system, proposed immigration from Hong Kong, and the various arguments surrounding the immigration issue.Read More