Streeting, Wes

Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North

Wragg, William

William Wragg, Conservative MP for Hazel Grove

Quince, Will

Will Quince, Conservative MP for Colchester

Morton, Wendy

Wendy Morton, Conservative MP for Aldridge-Brownhills

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Water regulation and Ofwat

The Water Services Regulation Authority, better known as Ofwat, is the independent economic regulator of the privatised water and sewerage industry in England and Wales.

World Trade Organisation

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is a permanent institution which agrees, governs and administers the rules of the international trading system. The WTO's member states together contribute around 90 per cent of world trade.


Whaling is the hunting and killing of whales for commercial, recreational or scientific purposes.

Welsh Independence

Wales was last an independent principality in 1282, when Edward I of England finally defeated the Prince of Wales, Llywelyn the Last, after years of on-off warfare and manoeuvring. Edward named his son as Prince of Wales in 1301 to seal his victory.

Written constitution

A written constitution is a formal document defining the nature of the constitutional settlement, the rules that govern the political system and the rights of citizens and governments in a codified form.

Written Questions (Lords)

Written Questions can be tabled by any peer but no more than six should be tabled by one peer on one day. They are normally answered within two weeks and the answer is published in Hansard. A holding answer may be given. Written ministerial statements made in the Commons often appear on the same day...

Written Ministerial Statements

Invented to reduce the incidence of planted written questions, written ministerial statements are released by Ministers, at relatively short notice, when they want to make an announcement to the House but feel that its content does not warrant a full oral statement.

Written Questions (Commons)

Written questions for answer by a specific department can be tabled by any MP. There are two types – ordinary and named day. Ordinary written questions do not have to be answered on a specified day but MPs normally put them down for answer two days after they are tabled. In practice, answers, which appear...

Westminster Hall

With time on the floor of the House for private members' debates curtailed in recent years, experimental sittings in Westminster Hall have quickly become part of the landscape for the Commons. These sittings take the form of a series of 'adjournment debates' of varying lengths, 30 and 90 minutes being the norm. Sittings take place...

White Paper

White Papers are detailed statements of Government policy, which set the broad principles for legislation, although not all White Papers lead to new law. White Papers are produced from time to time by departments and their publication is always accompanied by an oral statement to the Commons by the Secretary of State. White Papers are...

Work in Committees (Europe)

Along with the Council of Ministers, the EP constitutes the EU's legislature. Historically, the EP was purely a consultative body, but treaty changes have given it more and more power to amend and block legislation. When a proposal is referred to the EP, it develops and declares an 'opinion' – which has differing degrees of...

William McCrea

William McCrea, MP for South Antrim, Democratic Unionist Party

David, Wayne

Wayne David, Labour MP for Caerphilly

William Hague – Profile

William Hague, Conservative MP for Richmond (Yorks) -