Peter Heaton-Jones

Peter Heaton-Jones, Conservative MP for North Devon

Dowd, Peter

Peter Dowd, Labour MP for Bootle

Maskey, Paul

Paul Maskey, Sinn Fein MP for Belfast West

Scully, Paul

Paul Scully, Conservative MP for Sutton & Cheam

Kyle, Peter

Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove

Grant, Peter

Peter Grant, SNP MP for Glenrothes

Grady, Patrick

Patrick Grady, SNP MP for Glasgow North

Paula Sherriff

Paula Sherriff, Labour MP for Dewsbury

Phil Boswell

Phil Boswell, SNP MP for Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill

Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan, SNP MP for Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross

Gibson, Patricia

Patricia Gibson, SNP MP for North Ayrshire and Arran

Whitford, Philippa

Philippa Whitford, SNP MP for Ayrshire Central

Press regulation

Print media in the UK are not subject to any specific statutory controls on their content and activities, other than the general criminal and civil law.

Public Libraries

Public libraries in the UK are collections of books and other informational resources maintained by local authorities for the benefit of the public. Dating back over 150 years, many of the services provided by public libraries are free.

Population Growth

The human population of the Earth has been growing since prehistoric times, but the past 200 years have seen human numbers grow exponentially.

Public spending

Public spending is expenditure incurred by the "public sector" in the course of its activities. The public sector, in organisational and economic terms, is the sum of those parts of the economy formally under the control of or responsible to the state, including both central and local government.

Public Sector Net Cash Requirement

The Public Sector Net Cash Requirement (PSNCR) was formerly known as the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (PSBR). It represents the annual fiscal deficit (in cash terms): that is, the shortfall between public sector revenues and expenditure. In accruals terms, this deficit is known as Public Sector Net Borrowing (PSNB).

Points of Order

If an MP believes another MP has broken the procedural rules of the House, a Point of Order may be raised with Speaker. Points of order may be taken by the chair at any time except during oral questions or statements and prior notice may have been given. The accusing MP makes the case and...

Pre-legislative Scrutiny (Commons)

Increasingly new pieces of government legislation are published in draft about one Session ahead of their intended introduction and passage. Draft Bills are normally subjected to pre-legislative scrutiny at the hands of a joint-committee of MPs and peers formed for that purpose. Such a committee will take evidence from individuals and organisations who express an...