Daily Update – June 16th

Politics Live

5:30pm – And that’s all from us today! Tune in tomorrow for more news and updates.

4:52pm – Here’s the clip of the health secretary saying he doesn’t think he’s hopeless…

4:24pm – Hearing someone say they’re not f***ing hopeless really does ease my fears.

4:04pm – Government seems very set that the next unlocking will definitely be the last, and that after that we’ll have to live with covid. But there are questions about whether we’ll have true normality any time soon…

2:37pm – Downing Street refusing to respond to Cummings’ latest inflamatory leaks, despite text messages saying the prime minister wanted to sack Hancock.

1:33pm – Away from much of the news, there’s the small story of the Chesham & Amersham by-election tomorrow. Lib Dems hopefully they can snatch a Tory seat…

11:54am – Cummings hinting at what we may see in a few minutes…?

11:45am – Cummings has released a few more golden nuggets, including the prime minister describing the health secretary rather unflatteringly:

10:59am – There have been concerns from many animal rights groups about what the new Australia trade deal could mean for our food standards:

10:24am – An explanation for why it’s taken so long for the care home rules to be changed:

9:32am – Not a great look for the SNP as Scotland prepares to host COP26 later this year:

8:55am – It’s been touted for a while but is now coming into place.

8:51am – This whole thread raises serious questions about how we’ve been tackling covid, including the claim that perspex screens may actually make spreading covid easier.

8:35am – Five years on from the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a right wing extremist, MPs pay tribute to her.

8:30am – So what’s in the news this morning?

  • UK warned it is unprepared for climate chaos
  • MPs to vote on lockdown easing
  • PM insists that final unlocking will happen in July, despite scientist concerns

8:00am – Welcome back to another day of Politics Live!