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The Podcast

The Podcast - vaping editor Ian Dunt is joined by Dr Lion Shahab, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at UCL, and Christopher Snowdon, Author and Head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA, to discuss what vaping really is all about.

  • The Podcast

    The Podcast - voter ID trials editor Ian Dunt is joined by Alexandra Wunswich, director of Unlock Democracy, and Matt Singh, founder of Number Cruncher Analytics, to discuss whether trialling voter ID at polling stations was actually a good idea.

  • The Podcast

    The Podcast - the Windrush scandal

    Ian Dunt is joined by Satbir Singh, chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, and barrister Leonie Hirst to discuss what the Windrush scandal really is all about.

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